November 19th, 2024 at Campus Cyber in Paris La Défense

Conference 2024

Full papers expected by Sept 30th

Global SecurityAI4GS

About AI4GS

The only AI conference dedicated to Global Security

The AI4GS-24  conference is organized by the IFIP Technical Committee TC12 Workgroup WG 13 AI4GS. Gathering international researchers from industry and academia, AI4GS was created in 2022.

In 2024 the conference will be organized at Paris La Défense Campus Cyber, with special emphasis on AI for cyber security.

Global Security includes each and every dimension of security for people, organizations and infrastructures. It spans from competitive intelligence to homeland security,  and  defense.

Papers, panels and workshops will address these themes tackling with subjects like 

  • AI in cybersecurity, UEBA
  • AI in physical security, video analytics
  • AI in social networks analytics, sentiment analytics
  • AI in surveillance
  • AI in blockchain Analytics
  • AI in cyber Defense
  • AI in fraud detection
  • AI and regulation
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A unique place to meet people who do AI for global security



A scientific conference to hear about the most advanced AI applications for security


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AI4GS-24Send your abstract before
publication deadline

Abstracts are 200 to 350 words. Papers formatting should follow the Springer conference proceedings Word template.

Conference day : 19th of November, 2024

Abstract submission deadline :  July 15th (closed)

Submission deadline : September 15th

Notification of acceptance or rejection : September 30th 

Camera-ready version deadline : October 15th

Selected papers will be published by Springer in IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology (AICT)

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Organizing Committee

Général Patrick PERROT

AI Coordinator for Gendarmerie Nationale

Général Patrick PERROT

AI Coordinator for Gendarmerie Nationale
General Patrick Perrot is a Brigadier General in the Gendarmerie Nationale, serving as the Coordinator for Artificial Intelligence and Data Strategy. With a background in operational command and expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), he has made significant contributions to AI developments for security, including speaker recognition, facial recognition, and decision analysis. General Perrot has authored publications in AI, forensic sciences, and intelligence fields. He is actively involved in teaching at various universities and is a research associate at the Law, Accountability, and Social Trust in AI Chair led by Professor Céline Castets-Renard at ANITI (Artificial and Natural Intelligence Toulouse Institute). Currently, he holds the position of Coordinator for Artificial Intelligence and Data Strategy within the Gendarmerie nationale. General Perrot emphasizes that AI is meant to assist humans rather than replace them, highlighting the importance of trust in security forces to manage technological advancements effectively

Dominique VERDEJO

Chair, IFIP TC12.13 AI for Global Security

Dominique VERDEJO

Chair, IFIP TC12.13 AI for Global Security
<div class="project-desc"> <span class="">Dominique Verdejo is an accomplished professional with a background in computer science and a passion for artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications in security and risk management. He has a diverse career history, including roles in software development, marketing, and product management. Verdejo has been involved in various projects related to AI, such as developing expert systems for pilot training and promoting AI components globally in industries like telecommunications, finance, and insurance. </span><span class="">Furthermore, Dominique Verdejo has engaged with the concept of AI as an essential tool for situational prevention assistance in video surveillance. He emphasizes the increasing precision of video analytics compared to human vision, leading to a necessary reevaluation of the roles of human operators and machines in security contexts. His work reflects a forward-looking approach to integrating AI into security practices for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.</span> <span class="">Overall, Dominique Verdejo's career showcases a deep involvement in the field of AI and its practical applications, particularly in security-related contexts, demonstrating a commitment to leveraging technology for improved safety and risk management</span> </div>

Frédérique SEGOND

co-chair IFIP 12.13, INRIA Defense and Security

Frédérique SEGOND

co-chair IFIP 12.13, INRIA Defense and Security
<div class="project-desc"> <ul> <li>Frédérique Segond holds a Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR) and is a researcher associated with the ERTIM team at the Institut National des Langues et Cultures Orientales (INALCO). She is also a member of the doctoral school at INALCO</li> <li>Additionally, Frédérique Segond is the Director of the Defense and Security Mission at Inria, where she has been involved in helping scientists create useful technological components and fostering closer ties with relevant fields</li> <li>Her research interests have included influencer detection within the artificial intelligence community, which is significant for identifying key individuals in various contexts</li> <li>She has a notable presence in academic publications and has been cited in the field of computer science, particularly in areas such as natural language processing (TALN), knowledge representation, the Semantic Web, and hybrid methods</li> </ul> </div>


Chair, IFIP TC12 AI


Chair, IFIP TC12 AI
Eunika Mercier-Laurent is a prominent figure known for her expertise in artificial intelligence, knowledge management, and eco-innovation. She holds the position of Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge eco-Innovation at EPITA. Her work has been cited extensively, reflecting her significant contributions to the fields of artificial intelligence and knowledge management. Additionally, Eunika Mercier-Laurent has directed doctoral theses and served as a jury member for academic evaluations. Her understanding of the interaction between humans and technology goes beyond traditional concepts of artificial intelligence, showcasing a forward-thinking approach to this dynamic relationship.


President, P4S


President, P4S
<span class="">Dr. Joël Courtois is the President of the french start-up P4S, specialized in Hardware network security. He is known for his work as the former director of EPITA (School for Computer Science and Advanced Techniques), a major engineering school in computer science located in France. He held this position for 25 years, from 1997 to 2021. Prior to that, he served as a teacher-researcher at ISEP and obtained a doctorate in computer science from the University of Paris 6. He was also involved in the creation of research laboratories and the research valorization structure at ISEP.</span><span class="">In addition, Dr. Courtois is known for his expertise in the field of artificial intelligence and pedagogy. His inclination towards pedagogy and artificial intelligence led him to resume research activity on meta-knowledge and obtain a doctorate in computer science from the University of Paris 6. He also served as the director of studies at ISEP and participated in continuing education.</span><span class="">Beyond his work at EPITA, Dr. Courtois is also known for his involvement in the community and his commitment to the development of artificial intelligence and technological education.</span>
Program of the day

Event Schedule

  • 08:30-09:00 Campus entrance hall
  • Registration and Welcome Coffee

  • 09:00-09:15 Auditorium Galaxy
  • Introduction

    Opening Remarks by Conference Organizers

  • 09:15-09:45 Auditorium Galaxy
  • keynote by Général Patrick Perrot : AI for Homeland Security

    AI can serve  many homeland security challenges, from physical security, to investigation assistance, to cyber security, to road traffic surveillance. It is crucial to preserve and maintain the capacity of homeland security forces to use AI to protect the population. AI can serve as a powerful tool in national security but it represent also a challenge that professionals in this field need to address to maximize the benefits of AI innovations for security purposes

  • 09:45-10:30 Auditorium galaxy
  • Thematic Workshop 1: "AI in Cybersecurity"

    Global Security encompasses many different fields and cybersecurity appears more and more as a common denominator to all of them. Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover are necessary whatever the domain, physical, digital or economic.

  • 10:30-11:00 Lounge
  • coffee break

  • 11:00-12:00 Auditorium Galaxy
  • Research papers presentations

    A selection of some of the best papers submitted to the AI4GS-24 Call for Papers

  • 12:00-13:30 Campus Restaurant
  • Lunch break

    Buffet Lunch

  • 13:30-14:00 Auditorium Galaxy
  • Keynote speaker COMCYBER

    Delegate from French COMCYBER shares his views about cyber defense and geostrategic context.

  • 14:00-14:45 Auditorium Galaxy
  • Thematic Workshop 2: "AI in Defense"

    In the current geopolitical landscape marked by tensions between the Orient and the Occident, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in defense presents both challenges and significant impacts. On one hand, the rapid advancement of AI technologies has led to concerns regarding the ethical implications of autonomous weapons systems and the potential for escalating conflicts. On the other hand, AI offers unparalleled opportunities for enhancing military capabilities, from improving situational awareness to optimizing strategic decision-making processes. Navigating these complexities requires interdisciplinary collaboration among policymakers, military strategists, and technologists to ensure the responsible development and deployment of AI in defense, balancing security imperatives with ethical considerations. This conference session aims to explore these multifaceted challenges and discuss strategies for leveraging AI to promote stability and security in an increasingly uncertain world.

  • 14:45-15:45 Auditorium Galaxy
  • Research papers presentations

    A selection of some of the best papers submitted to the AI4GS-24 Call for Papers

  • 15:45-16:15 Lounge
  • Coffee Break

  • 16:15-17:00 Auditorium Galaxy
  • Thematic Workshop 3 : AI and Regulation

    Panel of scientific and industry experts expose their perspectives on AI applications and needs for regulation in a Global Security context.

  • 17:00 17:30 Auditorium Galaxy
  • Research papers presentations

    Another paper among the best research articles submitted to the AI4GS-24 CFP

  • 17:30 17:45 Auditorium Galaxy
  • Best Paper Award Ceremony

    The AI4GS-24 Program Committee awards the prize of the best AI for Global Security research paper.

  • Conclusion of the day

    Key points and challenges ahead for identifying and mitigating risk about and with AI.

  • 18:00 18:30 Lounge
  • Networking Reception and Sponsor Exhibits

    Let us build an ecosystem of Global Security with AI

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  • Academic Researchers
    Academic Researchers

    Presenting a research article or a position paper submitted to the conference Program Committee

    A selection of the 10 best papers will be made by the Program Committee.
  • PhD students and post-docs
    PhD students and post-docs

    Visiting researchers

  • Small and Medium companies
    Small and Medium companies

    Attending the conference and visiting the exhibition hall

    AI Startups and security integrators including breakfast and lunch
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